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Puretone Academy is now enrolling for ages 5-12! Join us for our after-school arts academy!

Mon - Fri | 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Transportation - Snack - Homework Help - Performing Arts Electives - Private Lessons - And more!


S.trengths - O.pportunities

U.niqueness - N.iche - D.epth


Do you have questions about our Afterschool program? We'd love to answer them for you! Join us on February 20th or February 21st at 7 PM via Zoom! 

Learn More at our Virtual Interest Meeting!

Feb 20th @ 7 PM or Feb 21st @ 7 PM

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A little bit about us… We are a program that has been in the making for years. Young people, like seeds, already possess what they will produce. We aim to unlock the creative potential that each child holds. S.O.U.N.D Unleashed allows rising 2nd grade - 8th grade students to engage in an encouraging and positive atmosphere that will fan into flames those talents inside of them. We will provide after school transportation, homework support, snacks, performing arts electives, music lessons and much more. Over the years we have helped many young people realize the value of their talents. This program is for families who want their children in a structured, loving, and supportive environment to launch them into becoming ALL they were meant to be! After 18 years in the traditional music classroom, our director now teaches privately. In her effort to reach as many youth as she can Sound Unleashed was created to help ALL youth to identify their talents, gifts, and abilities. We’ve seen students who were once fearful of being out front, now possess the freedom to express talents and abilities. We’ve seen students create long lasting friendships. We constantly hear parents say that their child feels like “they belong in this group” because of the friendly environment. We are unleashing the creative potential in young people through fun, hands-on learning and collaboration training through performing arts electives and productions.




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