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PVAA Music Video School came back in a brand new way! Students had the chance to participate in the behind-the-scenes experience of making a music video.  Our electives in vocal performance, African movement, film, lyrics, and songwriting were led by our hand-picked team of talented instructors. "Dreams & Shakes" was the final product of this year's program! 

Behind The Scenes: Film & Production Elective

In our first week, Ryan Harrison of Phillipe Films joined us to teach students the steps that go into making a film production. Students also learned about camera equipment, types of media, and much more. They participated in activities that put them in the director's seat.  At the completion of this elective students were inspired to get started in creating their own media.

In The Studio: Lyric & Songwriting Elective

Students were guided through vocal performance, songwriting, and lyrics in week two. Our high school students were led by Sterling Davis, who just released his album FADE. Students were walked through the process of creating their own lyrics from their experiences. Our younger elementary students were led by Erin Boyd, an amazing and passionate music educator. The lyrics and vocals completed during this elective were a part of "Dreams & Shakes".  

Centerstage: African Movement Elective

The students wrapped up their final week with the African movement elective. This session was all about confidence. Dance educator, Uriah Huffman, led students through African choreography. Through this elective students were able to connect to movement and understand the importance of confidence when centerstage.