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Piano Practice

Piano Lessons

  • Private or Semi-Private Option (Perform repertoire alone and with others)

  • Focus on moving students from Preparatory / Beginning / Intermediate

  • Note Reading

  • Rhythm Reading

  • Playing Scales

  • Playing Basic Chords

  • Learn to play various styles of music

  • Create a small music composition

  • Quarterly Masterclass

  • Live Music Performance 

Writing Music

A.I.M: Artist Development &  Leadership Program

This program is geared to help our teens, ages 13 - 17, refine their craft and launch their talents! 

This program provides:

  • Develop Artist Portfolio

  • Taking Artists From Uncertainty to Clarity

  • Shadowing Opportunities

  • Weekly Access to Mentors

  • Electives Including:

    • Lyricists Lounge

    • Behind the Scenes

    • Centerstage

  • & More!

A woman singing in a record studio

Voice Lessons

  • Combination of Ensemble and Private Voice ( Perform repertoire alone and with others)

  • Instruction focusing on proper vocal technique

  • Building tone

  • Building a varied musical repertoire 

  • Physical and Vocal Warm-ups

  • Zoom recording access

  • Live Performance Experience


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