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Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Puretone Vocal Arts Academy offers private and semi-private lessons for voice and piano/keyboard! Please find more information below.

Make-up Policy:
Make-up classes will only be offered for reasons of illness, vacations, and unexpected emergencies, with 24-hour notice, no more than 4x a year please, including summer lessons. Only one make-up lesson will be made for a missed lesson (there are no make-ups for missed make-ups). For extended absences over four weeks or more, which are planned, adjustments in tuition are considered. Contact the director about this.

Make-up lessons are done by adding extra time to future lessons or scheduled separately. Students can participate in two group classes during Performance or Masterclass, using the extra group class as makeup for a private lesson. Parents are responsible for scheduling make-up lessons. Usually, there are no make-ups for missed Performances or Masterclass.

Unfortunately, we can not give make-up for forgotten lessons, conflicting extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, school concerts, birthday parties, etc.), or holidays when Puretone is still open (Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc)

Sheet Music

What's included with lessons?

There are so many benefits to whichever lessons you choose for voice or piano! 



  • The SOUND Assessment

  • Vocal Coaching

  • Individual Instruction focusing on vocal technique

  • Building a varied musical repertoire 

  • Improving confidence in YOUR sound 

  • Exercises to develop ear training

  • Customized Vocal Development Plan  

  • Physical and Vocal Warm-ups

  • Zoom recording access

  • Live Performance Experience


  • Decrease vocal strain

  • Singing w free tone

  • Improve confidence

  • Strengthening vocal tone for solo singing

  • Encouraging vocal coaching

  • Understanding YOUR vocal strengths

  • Equipped with tools needed for YOUR sound

  • Possible invite to A.I.M. and/or PuretoneLIVE Ensemble



  • A vocal class of 2-3 students

  • Instruction focusing on proper vocal technique

  • Building tone

  • Building varied musical repertoire

  • Physical and Vocal Warm-ups

  • Zoom recording access

  • Live Performance Experience


  • Learning with and from others

  • Sing varied music

  • Singing with proper breathing

  • Singing w free tone

  • Improve confidence with others

  • Encouraging collaborative environment



  • A piano class of 1- 2 students

  • Focus on moving students from Preparatory / Beginning / Intermediate

  • Note Reading

  • Rhythm Reading

  • Playing Scales

  • Playing Basic Chords

  • Learn to play various styles of music

  • Create a small music composition

  • Quarterly Masterclass

  • Live Music Performance


  • Learning with and from others

  • Playing a variety of music styles

  • Learning fundamental Music Literacy skills

  • Music Literacy

  • Joy of playing favorite tunes

  • Ability to play other instruments of your choice

  • Encouraging environment

  • Possible invite to A.I.M. Songwriting

Yearly, Semester or Minimester Tuition

(Contact Director for discounted rate.)

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